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Decurio, s.r.o.


 Company DECURIO, Ltd. was established in 2005. Among our essential bussines activities belongs:



Initially for ensuring our bussiness activities we had to make up a good technical and personnal background and gained a solid bussines partners. Currently DECURIO, Ltd. belongs among the stable and significant companies it forestry and transport branch not only on the northern Slovak

Our company you can find and visit on the address: Raková 4000, 02351. Look on the map..


DECURIO, Ltd. is the owner of the following certificates:





Our contacts:

Decurio, s.r.o.
02351 Raková 4000, SLOVAKIA
Phone No: +421 41/434 11 15
IČO: 36431893
IČ VAT: SK2022019868


Where you can find our company:

Look at the map, where you can find us.

GPS coordinates: 49.4207500N, 18.7255556E



Quick contact: +421 903 630 597